Beach House Seaside Resort - $900 Nepean Country Club - $3200 Golden Shores Holiday Club - $1200 Beach House Seaside Resort - $1250 - SOLD Club Noosa Resort - $1200 Murray Valley Resort - $1000
The Bright Resort - $900 Holiday Rental Apartments - $1200 Nepean Country Club - $990 Voyager Resort - $890 Tides Boutique Resort & Spa - $1200 Beach House Seaside Resort - $1250 - SOLD
Lakeside Country Club - $995 Golden Leaf Apartments - $1300 Kyneton Bushland Resort - $800 Nepean Country Club - $1500 - SOLD Silver Sands Resort - $1000 Sunraysia Resort - $1000
Bellbrae Country Club - $800 Holiday Rental Apartments - $1200 Holiday Rental Apartments - $1200 The Moorings Resort - $700 Beach House Seaside Resort - $1299 - SOLD Silver Sands Resort - $425
Holiday Rental Apartments - $1200 Island Breeze Resort - $850 Murray Valley Resort - $1200 - SOLD Nepean Country Club - $1495 - SOLD Club Noosa Resort - $850 - SOLD Sunraysia Resort - $550 - SOLD
Bellbrae Country Club - $990 - SOLD Nepean Country Club - $1150 - SOLD Nepean Country Club - $1050 - SOLD Beach House Seaside Resort - $1250 - SOLD Murray Valley Resort - $1250 - SOLD Nepean Country Club - $1500 - SOLD
Nepean Country Club - $1650 - SOLD Sandy Point Beach Resort - $1400 - SOLD Boambee Bay Resort - $900 - SOLD Nepean Country Club - $1550 - SOLD

Renting A Timeshare

If you aren’t wanting to make the commitment to buy a Timeshare of your own, but would like to enjoy the perks that come with the holiday, then renting a Timeshare is the perfect compromise. You can simply browse through the sales we have listed and find a destination and time that suit your needs and get packing for your next trip.

Choosing Your Next Destination

One of the best things about renting a Timeshare is that each year you can choose a different destination and check out some amazing places around Australia:

  • Enjoy the stunning beaches in NSW and find an amazing place with a pool where you can lie and soak up the sunshine.
  • Head to VIC for a spot of shopping and see the sites while you are there.
  • Soak up the relaxed atmosphere in QLD and take the kids to some of the fun theme parks.

Come back each year and pick a new destination and/or a new place to stay and mix it up. You can enjoy all the perks of owning a Timeshare, without any of the commitment.

Looking To Rent Your Timeshare?

If you find yourself stuck and unable to use your Timeshare during your allotted time, the renting it out is the perfect solution. It can be hard committing to a holiday each and every year, which is why renting out your Timeshare is a win-win solution for both parties involved. Whether you have work commitments, a different holiday for that year, or an emergency comes up, there are plenty of reasons you may not be able to make your holiday – but that doesn’t mean someone else can’t enjoy it for you.

By listing your Timeshare with us, you can advertise to interest families around the world and earn yourself some money in the process. You can rest easy in the knowledge that your place isn’t going to sit empty when you aren’t there and that someone else is enjoying it for you.

Simply list your Timeshare with us, and find the perfect buyer.