Victoria’s Best Timeshare Destinations

Home to some of the most scenic beaches in the world, Australia has a lot to offer its visitors. The spectacular beaches with awe-inspiring stretches of sand is what makes Australia the perfect destination to unwind. Whether you want to rejuvenate in the midst of the relaxing sound of the waves or you’re eager for some adventure, the stunning beaches have it all! If you are planning a getaway to Victoria, the following gorgeous beaches are not to be missed!

Mornington Peninsula Beach:

Discover a new world in the picturesque beaches of the Mornington Peninsula. Located in the south-east of Melbourne, it is just an hour’s drive from the city. The wild surf beaches and sandy inlets of the peninsula offer the ideal expanse for an array of activities. The beach makes the perfect water playground and is much loved for its cool breeze and hill-side vineyards. With safe swimming, windsurfing, sailing, thermal spa and more, there’s a lot to keep you occupied. The renowned wineries and eateries along with the historic seaside villages are the perfect locations to explore in the peninsula. To make your experience all the more delightful, there are fantastic resorts to choose from like Nepean Country Club Resort and Whitecliffs Beach Resort. Some of the charming destinations located on the peninsula include the following:

Arthurs Seat Eagle:

The Arthurs Seat Eagle gives you the opportunity to get a bird’s eye view of the regions as you soar to the highest point on the Peninsula. The ride in a comfortable gondola cabin takes around 15 minutes one way. You get an all-encompassing view through scenic routes as you make your way up to Arthurs seat. As you soar above the trees, you also get to spot the wildlife.

Peninsula Hot Springs:

An award-winning destination that offers just the perfect setting to relax and rejuvenate! This is Victoria’s first geothermal mineral spring and you get to pamper yourself in naturally heated mineral baths in a scenic location. With cascading pools, private baths and a variety of spa treatments available you get to have a one-of-a-kind experience. Located around 90 minutes from the Mornington Peninsula, this destination is the ideal sanctuary with an array of well-being and revitalizing treatments available.

Ashcombe Maze and Lavender Gardens:

Home to wonderful maze gardens set in a 25 acre landscape, this destination is a truly unique venue. The traditional hedge maze, rose maze and Lavender Labyrinth offer a delightful experience to visitors. A garden for all seasons, you can wander through the splendid landscape and explore the captivating trails and flowering gardens. The Great Gnome Hunt is a great addition to the gardens, making it a great experience for people of all ages.

Phillip Island:

Located around 140 km from Melbourne, Phillip Island is one of the most attractive hotspots of Australia. Phillip Island’s coastline is a scenic delight, dotted with sheltered beaches (northern side), blowholes, wild surf beaches (south coast) and caves. The cultural attractions and an incredible collection of beaches make this destination perfect for everyone. The family-friendly beaches like Cowes and Ventnor are perfect for kids while Woolamai is a renowned surf beach. The amazing views and great opportunities for swimming, sunbathing and fishing makes it one of Victoria’s most exciting destinations. Explore the endless possibilities of this magical beach during your stay at some of the finest resorts like Bayview Apartments and Island Breeze Resort. Following are some of the locations that you must check out during your visit.

Cape Woolamai:

Cape Woolamai forms the highest point on the Phillip Island and is Victoria’s sought-after surfing beaches. The granite cliffs, ancient caves, blue water, rich marine life and walking tracks make it the perfect holiday destination. With its pristine setting and surfing heritage, Cape Woolamai has been recognised as a National Surfing Reserve. The distinctive landform and varied activities offer unforgettable experiences to cherish forever.

Phillip Island Nature Parks:

Home to an array of wildlife attractions, Phillip Island Nature Park has lots to offer visitors. You can enjoy the penguin parade, experience the EcoBoat tour or Antarctic Journey. For the Penguin Parade, there are various tour options to choose from. You get to watch the penguins waddle across the beach to their burrows. If you are eager for more, the underground viewing offers a glimpse of the penguins in their natural habitat.
In the Antarctic journey, a unique virtual experience awaits you! The amazing multimedia attraction with interactive activities offers the perfect treat. You can also enjoy the EcoBoat tour or visit the Koala Conservation centre.

A Maze’N Things:

An award-winning theme park, A Maze’N Things is a great location for families. The attractions include puzzles, mazes, mini golf, magic, illusions, scare rooms, time machine and a lot more. Offering hours of fun, this location has something in store for both adults and kids.

Bellarine Beach:

The Bellarine Peninsula is located towards the south-west of Melbourne and is only a short drive from the city. With its breathtakingly beautiful coastline, Bellarine beach is an absolute favourite with visitors. The peninsula has the best to offer, with surf beaches along one side and tranquil waters on the other side. The safe swimming beaches on Port Phillip Bay are most definitely the perfect spot for families.
The flat expanse and gentle waves of the beach are ideal for a relaxing swim. You can also surf, paddle, swim or enjoy a game of golf along the tree-lined golf courses. You can explore the seaside villages, wineries and farms. Enjoy Bellarine Beach while you stay at the luxurious Bellbrae Country Club. Some of the enthralling spots located here include:

Queenscliff Harbour:

A bustling marine locale, there is plenty to see and do in Queenscliff Harbour. You can either watch the pilot boats as they return from their trips, or brave the heights to get the spectacular 360-degree view from the observation tower. The harbour has historic couta boats, power boats and yachts.

Point Lonsdale:

Located on a rocky outcrop, Point Lonsdale lies on the tip of the Bellarine Peninsula. A favourite for holidaymakers, the ideal landscape and tranquil sea offer the perfect spot to relax. You can enjoy the splendid coastline view, barbecue facilities, check out local shops or get beautiful views from the high points in the ocean foreshore.

Barwon Heads:

Located on the mouth of the Barwon River, this location has an array of coastal attractions to enjoy. The rocky coastal headland, white sand, snorkelling grounds and scenic beaches make this destination the perfect getaway. Lying towards the north of Barwon Head is Lake Connewarre, surrounded by wetlands. This is the ideal spot for bird watching and fishing.

Great Ocean Road:

The Great Ocean Road offers the perfect opportunity to explore and connect with nature. You get to discover multiple, amazing sights while on this iconic road trip in Australia. From scenic views, wild koalas, surf beaches, waterfalls, rainforests, wildlife and more, you get to discover some unique surroundings. There is a lot to see and do here, like surfing, bushwalking, biking expeditions or even just enjoy the cultural attractions.

Lake Mulwala / Murray River:

Lake Mulwala is a man-made reservoir located in Eastern Australia. The twin towns of Yarrawonga-Mulwala are nestled on either side of the Murray River with Lake Mulwala creating the perfect backdrop. With a range of activities, Lake Mulwala is a great destination for adventure enthusiasts. With its idyllic climate, the lake is considered the paradise for water skiers. From exploring the wineries to fishing, canoeing, sailing, water skiing and more, the lake has lots to offer. You can also explore the Murray River by boat or indulge in fishing from the banks. This is a great spot for targeting the Murray Cod. A haven for water sports, you can enjoy Lake Mulwala during your stay in resorts like Lake Edge Resort, Murray Valley Resort, Sunraysia Resort. Some of the captivating locations that are a must-visit include:

The Murray River:

The world’s third longest navigable river, there is much to enjoy and explore along this scenic stretch. The breathtaking views and spectacular locales give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in a truly unique experience. Renowned for its diversity, the Murray River makes an absolute perfect playground for people of all ages. Enjoy the food, wine, cruises, golfing, camping or even go for a local drive to discover the farmlands and river communities.

The Barmah National Park:

If you are an adventure enthusiast, this destination is not one to be missed. Home to the world’s largest River Red Gum forest, there is a lot to explore here. From enjoying the birdlife, wandering through the river red gums, canoeing, fishing, bushwalking and fishing, the possibilities for fun are just endless.

Yarrawonga Mulwala:

Nestled on the western side of Lake Mulwala, the pleasant climate and stunning beaches make this location the perfect holiday destination. The opportunities for wakeboarding, fishing, water skiing, canoeing along with the beautiful natural surrounds offer a delightful experience. Make sure not to miss the award-winning wines and local produce.


Located at the confluence of the Darling and Murray River, Wentworth is a river-port and an attractive tourist destination. The presence of natural waterways has led to the presence of a number of natural attractions in this destination. With the majestic wildlife and birdlife, there is much to explore here. You can even visit the World Heritage Listed Mungo National Park or spend time at the Perry Sandhills.

Lakes Entrance:

Located 320 km east of Melbourne, Lake Entrance is a fishing port in Eastern Victoria. The magnificent Lakes Entrance is a much-loved vacation spot with its beautiful beaches, water sports, cafes, shops, fishing locations and more. The clean white stretch of white sand, natural evergreen hinterland and azure sea make it the perfect holiday destination. With its spectacular locations and activities, there is much to see and do to build the perfect holiday memories. You can explore the sheltered waterways, visit the shell museum, see the Buchan caves or take a short walk along the beach. Treat yourself to the beauty of Lakes Entrance from Riviera Beach Resort.

Buchan Caves:

The Buchan Caves consist of limestone caves with spectacular limestone features. Formed by the underground rivers, the formations of stalactites and stalagmites present a beautiful view. The Buchan Cave Reserves have camping grounds, walking tracks, picnic spots and more, making it just the perfect destination for a holiday. With the diverse flora and fauna, there is plenty to explore.

Esplanade Mini Golf:

Located in Lake Entrance, Esplanade Mini Golf is a must for families. Spacious and well-maintained, this spot promises fun for people of all ages. The diverse holes include a lighthouse, volcano, big skulls and castles.

Griffiths Shell Museum-Marine Display:

The museum is home to a detailed collection of natural sea life featuring shells, creatures, sponges, corals and more. With around 90,000 items, this is one of Australia’s largest collection that cannot be missed. You will get to see some of the world’s rarest fish preserved here. You can also visit the gift shop located here to check out shell jewellery and handicrafts.

Lake Eildon:

Located in the upper catchment of the Goulburn River, Lake Eildon is an easy drive from Melbourne. It is one of Victoria’s largest artificial lake and makes the perfect spot for water enthusiasts. You can rent a houseboat and spend a day in the water. Besides, it is ideal for bush camping with a number of national park campsites located here. Lake Eildon National Park lies on the shores of this lake and is renowned for its diverse wildlife along with its’ historic and natural features. The scenic views, bushland surroundings, recreational and water-based activities make Lake Eildon a great holiday spot. Explore the natural beauty of this region through bush walks, horse rides and driving tours. If you are looking for a resort to ensure a comfortable stay, Mansfield Country Resort is a great option!

Lake Eildon Walks:

Lying in the Northern foothills of Victoria’s Central Highlands, there is much to explore in the scenic region of Lake Eildon. A walk along the panoramic tracks offers the best way to discover the variety of settings. You can either go for a gentle lakeside walk or go up along the Blowhard spur for stunning views. There are a variety of walks for people of all interest, age and fitness level.

Lake Eildon National Park:

Located in the Central Highlands region of Victoria, Lake Eildon National Park gives visitors the opportunity to enjoy an array of natural features, wildlife and activities. The diversity in the landscape, with the presence of open bush in the north and dense vegetation in the south, offers the opportunity for many different activities. You can enjoy boating, fishing, bushwalking or a picnic with your family and friends.

Gooram Falls:

The incredible beauty of Gooram Falls makes it the perfect destination for a picnic or swim. With the water cascading over the rocks, diverse vegetation and rich flora, Gooram Falls has emerged as a popular rest spot for travellers. Most of the waterfalls here are a part of the scenic walking track, enabling you to connect with nature and enjoy thrilling views. The animal species found here include Koala and Black Swamp Wallabies.
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